Monday, February 27, 2012


Here is our third sketch release. This set is Pretty as a Picture, doilies, foliage and flower abundant! Hope you find some inspiration within this set :)

Thank you for stopping by ☺and dont forget to share your amazing creations with us by either linking your post or gallery showcasing your fabulous creation below in our comments or by sharing on our Facebook wall!
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Monday, February 13, 2012


Here are some more drafts for that extra push your mojo [or lack of] might need. I have added a 4 or more photo page draft into the mix, specifically for those of you who can cleverly scrap with that many photos [oh how I envy  am in awe of you], and of course for those of us who need the challenge  prompt in giving one a go...hmmm steps!

'32 Weeks'
by Em Stafrace
Page Drafts Template #2.3 by The Nifty Pixel

'Dare to Sparkle'
by Stephanie Brower Czosnek 
Page Drafts Template #2.5 by The Nifty Pixel

'New York I love You'
by Em Stafrace
Page Drafts Template #2.5 by The Nifty Pixel

Hope you enjoy these drafts. If you use any for inspo please don't forget to link your blog post here in the comments below or share on our Facebook page, so we can all share the inspiration☺
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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello and Welcome to Page Drafts by Nifty Pixel.

Thank you so much for popping in and having a look. I hope you find these 'Page Drafts' a useful tool in reeling in that mojo:)

On the First of every month there will be a full release of anywhere up to 5 sketches. Each sketch will be numbered with the release # followed by the number of photo's included in the design. So for example the very first sketch in release #1 is numbered Template #1.1, followed by Template #1.2,  
Each release will co-ordinate or have a theme. Be it a type of element, like stars, buntings or angled cut papers just to name a few. So there will be plenty of inspiration for those of you who like to incorporate one photo or multiples in your pages. There will also be some hand Tips and Tricks so if you are looking for some new ideas to keep your scrapbooking fresh look out for those handy hints. 

Here is the updated first release for Page Drafts by Nifty Pixel

'Strong Chicky'
by Natascha Broers
Page Drafts Template #1.3 by The Nifty Pixel

If you are interested in showing off your projects created using the templates I'd love to see them so please share your link in a comment below or share on our Facebook page, link can be found in the side bar.
Smiling widely,
Em xox
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